With a combined sixty years of experience in municipal representation, Siddall & Siddall, P.C., provides legal services in all phases of tax title matters, including the disposition of municipally-owned property through tax title auctions. We also provide special counsel services and litigate Appellate Tax Board cases. We represent approximately thirty municipalities in Massachusetts.

Tax Title Foreclosure

We assist our clients through the tax title foreclosure process by handling all aspects of the litigation process including, but not limited to, evaluating the validity of the Taking, locating the owner of the subject property and/or their heirs, successors or assigns, prosecuting the Land Court case to Judgment and evicting any and all occupants.

Disposition of Municipal Property

Our extensive knowledge of the law regarding the disposition of real estate allows us to effectively represent municipalities throughout the sale process. Whether the disposition is through an auction or RFP, our dedication to providing exceptional service has consistently resulted in substantial savings of time, money and resources for our clients. We work closely with municipalities to ensure that each municipality’s specific needs and goals are met.

We have represented numerous municipal clients in the Massachusetts Land Court, the Massachusetts Superior Court, the Massachusetts Appeals Court, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court and the U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

Town Counsel

Our firm serves as Counsel to municipalities. We provide legal advice to the administrative and/or legislative body. When legislative programs are conceptualized and implemented, we support the municipality in creating and enacting the programs.

Special Counsel

We provide our services in special projects by municipalities to address particular needs on matters ranging from opinion letters for planning and development matters to real estate disposition strategies.

Appellate Tax Board

We assist our clients in defending claims of taxpayers relating to municipal assessments that are pending before the Appellate Tax Board. We have successfully tried both commercial and residential cases at the Appellate Tax Board and have also represented municipalities on appeal to the Massachusetts Appeals Court and the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts.